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Chuangmei advantage

Advantages of Chuangmei glove production line: 

1) Fully automatic high-speed production line, equipped with automatic demoulding counting machine, can save 1/3 of the labor and greatly improve efficiency.

2) The mature dual-mode high-speed assembly line design has more than doubled the production capacity than the traditional single-mode line, and the cost performance is changed.

3) Advanced double dipping technology effectively reduces pinholes and achieves a pass rate of over 97% of finished products.

4) Optional powder or powder-free process, online chlorination or PU coating, no risk of protein allergy.

5) Using acid/alkali/hot water/horizontal brushing processes to remove impurities while effectively protecting the hand mold and improving the life of the hand mold.

6) Multiple neutralization/leaching processes can effectively remove impurities and meet the requirements of medical gloves.

7) Adopting natural gas hot air circulation technology, energy saving is more than 20%, and it is more environmentally friendly.

8) Reasonable planning can be made according to the size of the customer's site to maximize the use of space and increase productivity.

9) The domestic chemical team with 30 years of experience combined with Malaysian craftsmanship to escort orders at home and abroad.

10) One-stop service:Plant planning, equipment installation guidance/commissioning, to chemical training/raw material purchasing , reduce investment risks.

Post time: Apr-28-2021