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CM-GMD100*6 Nitrile Latex Gloves Machine

Short Description:

CM-GMD100*6 Fully Automatic Two-hand Mold Nitrile Latex Glove Production Line

Details of the glove production line:

Glove production line model: CM-GMD100*6

Hourly output of glove equipment: 13,200-15,600 Pcs

24-hour output of glove equipment: 316,800-374,400 Pcs

Glove machine thermal power consumption/hour: 2.1 million kcal

Glove machine power/hour: 210KW

Glove production line size: 100*2.24*9.2 meters

Workshop size requirements for a single glove production line: 120*15*11 meters

This glove can produce products: disposable blue nitrile gloves, disposable medical nitrile gloves, medical sterile grade nitrile gloves, disposable latex examination gloves, disposable medical latex gloves, medical surgical latex gloves

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Nitrile market:

The global demand for disposable protective gloves exceeds 400 billion. It is predicted that by 2020, the global sales of disposable health protective gloves will reach 531 billion, and the market size is expected to exceed 60 billion. Nitrile gloves are gradually replacing latex gloves due to the advantages of anti-permeation of chemical reagents, small fluctuations in raw material prices, and convenient coloring. Many listed companies in Malaysia are traditional nitrile glove giants, but China’s industrial facilities, production costs, and environment have great advantages over Southeast Asian countries. Domestic nitrile glove manufacturers are expected to catch up. As a prominent representative of the industry, the company has demonstrated high growth in the past five years, and its profitability has increased year by year, and it is gradually narrowing the gap with its Malaysian counterparts. Technology research and development and channel advantages build barriers to competition for the company.

This Double former disposable glove making machine is a product of our company learning Malaysian technology, and based on the mechanical strength of more than ten years in the industry, comprehensive technical research and development and design, and the integration of hardware, software, infrastructure, etc. Chuangmei is one of the few domestic suppliers who are proficient in the production line of two-hand mold nitrile gloves. It adopts modern DCS control system to realize automatic control of production links and greatly improve production efficiency. Over the years, 95% of the company’s revenue has been exported, and its products are currently sold in many countries and regions around the world.

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PU coated two-hand mold nitrile gloves production line Double Former Nitrile Glove Production Machine made in China Double Former Glove Dipping Machine Manufacturer-Chuangmei China

Chuangmei two-hand mold nitrile gloves production line Chuangmei Disposable nitrile gloves production equipment Chuangmei CM-GMD100x6 double former nitrile gloves machine

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