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CM-GMS100*6 Nitrile Latex Gloves Machine

Short Description:

Details of the glove production line:

Glove production line model: CM-GMS100*6

Hourly output of glove equipment: 7800-9,000 Pcs

24-hour output of glove equipment: 187,200-216,000 Pcs

Glove machine thermal power consumption/hour: 1.4 million kcal

Glove machine power/hour: 185KW

Glove production line size: 100*2*7.5 meters

Plant size requirements for a single glove production line: 120*15*9 meters

Product Detail

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        This glove can produce products: disposable nitrile gloves, disposable medical examination nitrile gloves, medical sterilized nitrile examination gloves, disposable latex gloves, disposable medical examination latex gloves, medical gloves latex gloves

        2021 is a period of high-speed expansion of global nitrile latex gloves, and the supply is increasing rapidly, and the market has changed from a situation of short supply to a situation of oversupply. The market price has gradually fallen from a historical high to a rational state, and the market has also changed from the previous “buy when you have stock” to “select the best purchase” demand, and gradually have higher and higher quality requirements for the quality of nitrile latex products. .

        At present, nitrile latex gloves products have entered the stage of industry capacity optimization, and the market is gradually facing the process of reshuffling the survival of the fittest. In the process of capacity optimization, companies need to increase R&D efforts, optimize their own product quality, and continuously improve supporting demand services for downstream glove companies in order to gain a place in the fierce market competition and promote the healthy development of the industry.

        Therefore, when manufacturers choose glove production equipment, they pay attention to the quality of the glove production line, the production capacity, and the quality of the output gloves. Ordinary nitrile gloves no longer meet the needs of customers, and medical-grade gloves can win the market. Then we need to clearly indicate what kind of gloves you want to produce when ordering the production line, so that it is convenient for engineers to design the corresponding production line.

6-layer nitrile latex gloves production equipment
24-hour operation of disposable nitrile latex gloves production nitrile latex gloves production equipment
CM-GMS1006 Nitrile Latex Gloves Machine
Nitrile latex glove production line rack painting, construction of glove machine-Chuangmei
High quality nitrile latex gloves production line-Chuangmei
Debugging of automatic nitrile latex gloves production line Chuangmei

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