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CM-GMS80*6 Nitrile latex gloves machine

Short Description:

CM-GMS80*6 Fully automatic one-hand mold nitrile latex glove production equipment, one-time glove machine

Details of the glove production line:

Glove production line model: CM-GMS80*6

Hourly output of glove equipment: 6,000-7,200 Pcs

24-hour output of glove equipment: 144,000-172,800 Pcs

Thermal power consumption of glove machine/hour: 1.2 million kcal

Glove machine power/hour: 175KW

Glove production line size: 80*2*7.8 meters

Workshop size requirements for a single glove production line: 100*15*9.5 meters

This glove can produce products: disposable nitrile gloves, disposable medical examination nitrile gloves, medical sterilized nitrile examination gloves, disposable latex gloves, disposable medical examination latex gloves, medical gloves latex gloves

The natural latex glove production line adopts a continuous production method and a direct immersion method to form a uniform film. It can be used as medical surgical gloves, examination gloves, and medical powder coated and powder-free coated gloves. It adopts automatic counting and automatic demoulding. Way, the output is high, and the product has no sag.

The glove production line adopts a reasonable process layout, considering every inch of space in the plant, chlorine washing and PU coating are optional, to meet the different needs of the end customers for gloves; impregnated with surface active coagulant, uniform mold formation, the first choice for powder-free gloves Production mode: The main drive mode is adopted, the well-known brand chain, the life is up to 15 years, and the operation is stable; the power is rationalized design, the small glove equipment uses a single main motor to drive the chain to rotate, and the large glove production line uses dual motors to drive the glove production; high The oven is made of high-quality thermal insulation cotton, which has a good constant temperature effect, auxiliary hot air circulation equipment, and saves energy; the product qualification rate reaches more than 98%, and the protein content is less than 120 micrograms/gram to prevent allergies.

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