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Food Grade PVC Gloves Production Line

  • Food grade PVC glove production line

    Food grade PVC glove production line

    PVC gloves are widely used in daily life, with health protective effect, good protective performance, safety and non-toxic, welcome by the use of protection.Products in the developed countries and regions have a broad market.The products are divided into powdered gloves (in the process, a small amount of corn flour is attached to the surface of gloves to keep the gloves smooth and smooth) and powder-free gloves (in the process, PU treating agent is used to replace corn flour to play the same role).From the level, there are mainly medical grade gloves of industrial grade gloves (distinguishing index is mainly the size of the needle eye rate);From the model is divided into XSSMLXL lengthened, thickened, lengthened and so on.After investigation, the products are mainly published in the powder industrial level and powder free doctor chat level SMLXL, ML as the main products.