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Classification, characteristics and uses of natural latex gloves

Latex gloves are made of natural latex with other fine additives. The industrial natural latex comes from Brazil Hevea rubber tree. The dry matter in the fresh latex obtained from rubber tree tapping accounts for 25%-45% by weight, and more than 90% of the dry matter is made of cis-1,4-polyisoprene. Rubber hydrocarbon composed of olefin, other non-gel components include protein, lipid, acetone soluble matter, water soluble matter and inorganic salt. The varieties of natural latex gloves mainly include examination gloves, surgical gloves, household gloves and industrial gloves. The specific features and uses are as follows:

(1) Natural latex examination gloves and their uses

Natural latex inspection gloves are characterized by no distinction between left and right hands and thin film. According to the surface type, they can be divided into three types: smooth, palm surface and fingertip numb surface; according to whether there is powder on the surface, it can be divided into powdered gloves and powder-free gloves. There are 2 kinds of gloves; according to the packaging, there are 2 kinds of sterilization and non-sterilization; according to the impermeable AQL value, there are 2 kinds of medical examination gloves and industrial examination gloves. According to the palm width size, the inspection gloves are divided into three specifications: S, M, and L, and consumers should choose according to their needs.

(2) Natural latex surgical gloves and their uses

Surgical gloves are divided into left and right hands, divided into two types: powdered and powder-free. Sterile packaging, for one-time use, for the operation of aseptic operating room. Due to factors such as wearing comfort and price, almost all natural latex surgical gloves are used in our country.

(3) Natural latex household gloves and their uses

Household gloves are divided into left and right hands, with various bright colors and patterns on the palms or fingers. The inner surface has a smooth surface and a lining (flocking, flocking and flocking). Natural latex household gloves are used for non-contact oil, organic solvent and hydrocarbon protective wear such as housework, public places and hotel sanitation. They can be used repeatedly after washing and drying.

(4) Natural latex industrial gloves and their uses

Industrial gloves are divided into left and right hands, and their color is mostly black, with patterns on the palms or fingers. Its thickness and length are thicker and longer than other latex gloves. Natural latex industrial gloves are used for labor protection wear in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and other industries. They are resistant to common acids and alkalis and other general media. They can be used repeatedly after washing and drying after use.

Natural latex gloves have good strength, flexibility, elasticity and comfort, and can isolate viruses and bacteria. However, due to the molecular structure of natural latex, natural latex gloves are not resistant to oil, organic solvents and hydrocarbons. Natural latex products are resistant to tearing. Poor performance. At the same time, due to the natural latex and natural latex gloves containing water-soluble protein, some wearers have allergies, manifested as skin itching, inflammation, pimple, long blisters and even anaphylactic shock or death.

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Post time: Sep-22-2021