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Market demand for disposable gloves

The demand for gloves is divided into four areas; medical care, industrial labor insurance, commercial and supermarket households, and service industries. Among them, medical gloves and gloves accounted for 62% of the total consumption.

According to the report of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention on October 21, 2020, the use of gloves requires every medical staff to change a pair of gloves every time they come into contact with different patients (if there are no conditions, they need to be disinfected to maintain hygiene).

The demand caused by the epidemic has increased sharply, and the overall demand is twice that before the epidemic. The US’s new crown virus protection requires a surge in the use of disposable gloves. In particular, the daily contact of critically ill patients in the ICU requires 170*2=340. .

After the outbreak, the U.S. health system’s demand for nitrile gloves has increased from about 2.65 billion per month before the outbreak to about 10 billion per month (excluding general civilian consumption), which is more than three times the original. Among them, the demand for light hospitals has reached more than 4 billion per month. The second wave of the epidemic at the end of November became more severe.

During the epidemic, the use of gloves in hospitals increased by 2-3 times. The reason for the large increase in hospital usage may be to prevent cross-infection. Now the usage of a single nurse is 3-4 times as much as before.

In the field of disposable rubber gloves, the annual production of 296 billion in 2019, of which 180 billion in Malaysia only accounts for 63% of the market share, while China produces about 25 billion nitrile gloves and some natural latex gloves, accounting for about 10 %. However, if calculated according to the world’s 495 billion disposable gloves in 2019, China still needs to add 80 billion PVC production and other types of disposable gloves such as PE/TPE, and China’s share is about 20-40%.

During the epidemic, the demand for disposable gloves has developed rapidly. In order to fight the epidemic, each country needs to import a large amount of anti-epidemic materials. Disposable gloves are among them. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the original manufacturer’s delivery is relatively tight and shipping is also more difficult. Therefore, many investors now want to build a nitrile/latex/PVC glove production line in their own country, so that they can meet the local glove demand. And Chuangmei just provides nitrile/latex/PVC glove production equipment.

Demand for glove production line


Post time: Jun-28-2021