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Natural latex gloves raw materials

Natural rubber latex is the core component of latex disposable gloves, and it is also the core material of many other products that bring quality of life. The raw materials of natural rubber latex, standard rubber in the tire industry and sheet rubber are all produced from rubber trees. While these wonderful natural trees protect us, they are also driving the world forward.

Rubber trees are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia. Thailand is the world’s largest rubber tree planting country and natural rubber latex producer.

The rubber tree can only produce latex after 6 years of growth. It needs to be carefully tapped to obtain the highest quality latex and maintain the longest life of the rubber tree.

1. Mark the tapping line at a 30-degree angle about 1.5 meters from the ground

2. Install the rubber tongue 30 cm below the tapping line

3. Install the rubber cup 10 cm under the rubber tongue

4. Use a rubber knife to tap rubber at night

5. Let the glue flow into the cup until it stops flowing

6. Take out the fresh glue from the cup, put it all in the tank, and prepare to send it to the factory (add ammonia if necessary to maintain the fluidity of the glue). The harvested latex is first sliced ​​by the rubber mixer, and then sent to the sol tank and gasoline. Mix the sol. After the sol is emulsified and prepared, it is pumped to the latex intermediate tank. The rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower, and is heated and distilled by steam. The light component gasoline is heated into a gas phase, and the gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil-air cooler. The oil-water mixture then goes to the oil-water separator, the oil-water layer. The upper gasoline is recovered, and the lower water is pumped to the cooling water tower for cooling. After cooling, the gas gasoline in the distillation tower is cooled; the latex in the distillation tower is sent to the latex mixing cylinder to stir and modulate to the centrifuge to separate the glove raw latex. Set aside after toning and filtering.

Latex gloves raw material-natural latex

Post time: Nov-05-2021