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Nitrile glove production equipment sent to Vietnam-The second truck

Loading and unloading cargo is not easy, and these non-standard financial resources are not as easy to list together as ordinary cargo. To load the cargo of this truck, you need to have enough loading experience to evaluate the maximum loading capacity of the truck to avoid over-ton; balance the cargo to prevent the truck from tilting the truck.

The cargo of this vehicle is mainly the frame material of the nitrile glove production equipment and the mixing tank in the mixing area of the glove production. After the frame steel needs to be transported to the local factory, the local welding workers will cut and weld according to the processing drawings, and then the welded gantry will be erected through the on-site guidance of the engineer, and finally assembled into a whole nitrile glove machine frame.

The main function of the mixing tank is to stir the prepared raw materials for at least 24 hours. After this period of vulcanization, perform static degassing for more than 8 hours, and finally the prepared raw materials can be transported to the nitrile gloves making machine through pipelines.

The nitrile glove production equipment is composed of thousands of parts. After the materials are prepared, they need to be installed and installed together through the cooperation of the on-site installation team. It is not like ordinary equipment that can be used after being transported to the site. A single nitrile glove production line has a small production line of more than 100 tons and a large production line of hundreds of tons. This is a test of the design team and installation experience.

Although Chuangmei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has not been established for that long, the founders of our company have professional engineers and chemical engineers who have been engaged in the glove production line industry for more than ten years.

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Post time: Jul-21-2021