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Shipment of supporting equipment for Vietnam nitrile/latex glove production line-diesel boiler

Generally, the energy of nitrile/latex glove production equipment can be used: natural gas, diesel, coal gas, coal, biofuels. The price of each raw material is different in each country and region. When we are building a nitrile latex glove production line, the most It is good to investigate the local energy price. Since the glove making machine consumes more energy during operation, it is necessary to choose the most suitable energy source, so as to save the cost of producing nitrile latex gloves and increase the competitiveness of their products.

   Vietnam is rich in local coal resources, but the burning of coal greatly affects the environment, and natural gas resources are not particularly sufficient. Therefore, diesel is the most convenient resource and does not occupy a very large plant area.

   The heat consumption of the production line is mainly in the oven stage and the tank part of the nitrile latex glove production line. Some people think why a production line uses so many hot blast stoves and so big boilers. Is it a problem? In fact, the production is one-time The glove itself is a process of dipping-drying-dipping-drying. For a production line with a height of several floors, one can imagine how big the oven is, so the heat consumption of the glove machine is also very high. We have also been reducing the heat consumption of the production line as much as possible. The most economical way is to adopt the hot air circulation mode, which can recycle heat energy, and is equipped with sound insulation measures to achieve energy saving.

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Post time: Nov-19-2021