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The origin of powdered gloves

Introduction of powdered gloves:

At present, powdered gloves generally use edible plant starch as raw material, and are fully washed, dried, and sieved after light modification treatment. The modified starch is more delicate, smooth and absorbable. Due to its biodegradable properties, modified starches are widely used in powdered gloves.

Development process:

Soon after the emergence of disposable gloves, people powdered the gloves for convenience. The time for all pink gloves to appear is quite long. Just like the development of disposable gloves, the powder in gloves has gone through different stages and different types. The development of pink gloves can be described as the next wave and the previous wave, with a few words of drama. In the early days, the powder used in gloves was generally talc and a powder made from stone pine nuts, or a mixture of the two. Using too much, people gradually mainly talc can cause abdominal granulation nodules. Therefore, researchers turned their attention to these powders: calcium carbonate, lemon hydrochloric acid, calcium magnesium phosphate, glucose hydrochloric acid, potassium hydrogen tartrate and modified starch.

In 1947, it was discovered that using modified corn starch as a lubricant for disposable gloves was better than talcum powder, which could prevent the gloves from sticking together, facilitate wearing, and biodegrade. This corn flour is an absorbable starch mixed with 2% magnesium oxide as a desiccant. Since then, it has been used as a lubricant for powdered gloves ever since.

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Powdered latex nitrile gloves production equipment

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