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Welding and painting of frame of Vietnam nitrile/latex glove production line

When our Vietnamese customer ordered this nitrile/latex glove production line, we delivered the first batch of goods as quickly as ten days, so that the Vietnamese factory can build the glove production line while waiting for the rest of the goods. Set up the glove production line, and combine the production line equipment mode of the glove production line, which greatly saves the construction time of the nitrile/latex production equipment.

While sending out the first batch of goods, we will also send 1-2 mechanical engineers to the site to guide the installation of the glove production line:

1. The first batch of goods arrive at the scene first. This part of the goods are generally: steel structure, insulation board, etc.;

2. The engineer arrives at the site to check the construction environment, whether the water and electricity are fully equipped, and whether the construction tools are complete;

3. First or when the goods arrive at the scene, the customer and our engineer will count the goods sent together;

4. After the goods have been counted, the local construction team will enter the site to work;

5. The construction team performs cutting, processing, welding, painting and other work on the steel according to the drawings and the guidance of the engineer;

6. After the construction team finished processing, it became the glove machine frame, mixing tank platform, production line corridor and aisle of our nitrile/latex glove making machine;

All the equipment of Chuangmei Intelligent is exclusively customized according to the customer’s workshop. The glove production line can be planned according to the factory’s drawings in the early stage. When the engineer arrives at the site, an on-site survey will be carried out to meet the previous planning.


Chuangmei always maintains the concept of thinking for customers and quality first. Not only does the product satisfy the requirements, but also guides the installation from the reality. It allocates the glove production line installation work reasonably, saves time, and can make the customer’s nitrile/ The latex glove production equipment was put into operation as soon as possible.

Post time: Nov-17-2021