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PVC Gloves Production Line

  • Mixed nitrile gloves production line

    Mixed nitrile gloves production line

    Nitrile compound gloves have the advantages of nitrile gloves and PVC gloves. They are immersed in mixed raw materials. The inner layer of the gloves is smooth and easy to wear. The gloves have better elasticity than PVC gloves and are low in cost. The outer layer of the glove has a certain coefficient of friction, is easy to use, and reaches the standard of smooth external and internal smooth.

  • General PVC glove production line

    General PVC glove production line

    The PVC glove production line adopts continuous production method and direct immersion method, with uniform film formation and bright color. Various models and specifications can be produced online at the same time. The length of the production line is 60 meters, 80 meters and 100 meters, etc., with high automation and large output. It can be configured with automatic demoulding, and the length of the production line can be designed and installed according to the customer’s production site.

  • Food grade PVC glove production line

    Food grade PVC glove production line

    PVC gloves are widely used in daily life, with health protective effect, good protective performance, safety and non-toxic, welcome by the use of protection.Products in the developed countries and regions have a broad market.The products are divided into powdered gloves (in the process, a small amount of corn flour is attached to the surface of gloves to keep the gloves smooth and smooth) and powder-free gloves (in the process, PU treating agent is used to replace corn flour to play the same role).From the level, there are mainly medical grade gloves of industrial grade gloves (distinguishing index is mainly the size of the needle eye rate);From the model is divided into XSSMLXL lengthened, thickened, lengthened and so on.After investigation, the products are mainly published in the powder industrial level and powder free doctor chat level SMLXL, ML as the main products.

  • PVC glove production line

    PVC glove production line

    In the production of gloves, the main raw materials and auxiliary materials are first placed in a special container and mixed in a certain proportion to form an emulsion. After filtering, vacuuming, and standing, the mixture is sent to the dipping tank in the production line with a pump. .Under normal production conditions, the hand molds on the assembly line automatically enter the dipping tank through the chain, and the hand molds that adhere to the emulsion come out of the dipping tank in turn, and continuously rotate while traveling to make the emulsion on the surface of the hand mold uniform and make the excess The lotion dripped down. The dripping liquid returns to the immersion tank through the collection tank. After dripping the excess emulsion, the hand mold moves into the oven with the production line. Under this condition, the emulsion on the hand mold is cured and formed. The hand molds out of the oven go through processes such as natural cooling, crimping, and counting.