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Glove Production Equipment Installation And Commissioning Service

Chuangmei's glove production line installation and commissioning services are divided into the following two types

1. Basic installation guidance service:

1) After the equipment and materials are transported to the site, the general contractor or installation unit arranges the unloading at the guidance line of our technical staff, and protects the finished products on site. After the equipment is unloaded, our personnel will accompany the general contractor or the installation unit and other department personnel to check and inspect the equipment.

2) Technical clarification and technical clarification work shall be carried out before equipment installation. Our technicians will technically clarify the equipment installation plan and equipment installation drawings and other materials to ensure that the installers can install the equipment safely and reliably.

3) According to the equipment installation plan, the general contractor or the installation company is responsible for on-site hoisting, welding, and installation of the equipment, and our technicians provide on-site technical guidance. After the equipment is installed, our technicians will inspect the quality of the equipment installation and conduct quality inspections on all the equipment installed on site to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly.

4) Commissioning and preliminary acceptance: After the equipment is installed, it should be commissioned, including equipment mechanical commissioning and chemical commissioning. Our company will assign a special person to cooperate and guide the general contractor to carry out this work. After the commissioning, testing and adjustment are qualified, Go through the preliminary acceptance procedures according to the arrangement. We will provide the commissioning report of the equipment in time as the basis for the preliminary acceptance.

5) During the entire process of equipment installation, the project manager always carries out follow-up services. The project manager is responsible for scheduling, coordinating and coordinating with the installation unit for the technical personnel on site, Du Ze equipment installation progress, technical and quality issues, and contacting customers for coordination and cooperation.

6) During the entire process of equipment installation, the customer needs to send at least 2 technicians to track and learn the knowledge of machinery and equipment

7) During the equipment debugging stage, the customer needs to send at least 2 chemical engineers to follow up and learn about glove production technology.


2. Production line installation service:

According to the needs of different customers, Chuangmei can also provide installation services for the production line, that is, Chuangmei charges related installation fees and provides one-stop service for production line installation and commissioning. The advantage of this service is that Chuangmei controls the installation progress and reduces many problems. The necessary communication and delays are more efficient and the installation quality is guaranteed.

Post time: Apr-28-2021