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Single Former Gloves Machine

  • CM-GMS60*6 Nitrile Latex glove machine

    CM-GMS60*6 Nitrile Latex glove machine

    Nitrile glove equipment design concept

    1. Adopting the most advanced two-dipping advanced nitrile latex glove production line technology;

    2. PU coating technology and on-board chlorine treatment technology can be used;

    3. Accept different heating methods, including natural gas, coal, diesel, and biomass fuel;

    4. Adopt alkali-acid cleaning process to ensure mold cleanliness;

    5. On-machine vulcanization, automatic demoulding, counting, and final packaging directly;

    6. Models with different lengths, heights, running speeds, single-handed molds and two-handed molds can be designed according to customer requirements.



  • CM-GMS45*6 Nitrile latex Glove Machine

    CM-GMS45*6 Nitrile latex Glove Machine

    CM-GMS45*6 Chuangmei Intelligent Mini Nitrile Glove Production Line

    Advantages of Mini Nitrile Gloves Production Line:

    01 Fully automatic nitrile glove production line to improve production efficiency

    02 The production process of the whole process is stable, and the consistency of the product is improved

    03 Suitable for mass production, reducing enterprise production costs

    04 Customized design, more in line with actual needs

    05 Structured design, save transportation space, easy to install

    06 The service life is more than 10 years